Friday, March 21, 2008

More Rabbits

"The End of our Bunny Friend" Acrylic on Bristol Board, 2007.

This is another bunny painting I made almost a year ago. It is interesting to compare it with the bunny painting I finished yesterday. Which painting is more interesting? The superhappy springtime bunnies, or the dead one?

I don't know, I just thought I'd post it.

Happy Spring!

"Vive Printemps"
Acrylic on Bristol Board, 2008.

Happy Spring!

While I love the winter, I am very ready for spring.

Yesterday was the first day of spring and it did not disappoint me. I was lucky enough to have the day off, and I took a (very) short walk. It was windy, but the sun was warm and the clouds were tall and puffy. I couldn't quite smell the grass growing yet, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

I finished this painting yesterday. I chose rabbits because they are a sure sign of spring. In the spirit of celebrating rabbits, I looked around youtube to find some cute rabbit videos. Here is my favorite video:

Two Chickens Break up a Rabbit Fight


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Equinox and the Arts XIII

"Salamander Love" Acrylic on Oak Plank, 2006

I will have "Salamander Love" on display at Equinox and the Arts XIII at the Jonathan Trumbull Library in Lebanon, CT.
The show will run from March 29th - April 25th, with a reception for artists and friends of the library on March 28th. Sorry that it's private, but I'll post pictures if I take any good ones.

To view the show, come to the library during normal library hours. They are posted on the library's website.

Jonathan Trumbull Library
580 Exeter Road
Lebanon, Connecticut 06249