Friday, December 02, 2011

WTF have I been doing??

Good question. Since this is an art blog, one would think I might post art on it every once and a while. It is true that the frequency of my posts have been waning, but before you shame me for being a bad artist and not drawing in my sketchbook all the time to post it on the Internet, realize that I have been making art. I've crossed over to the dark side: music. Shit.

I think that the transition from visual art to music has been relatively smooth. I'm an artist, I'm used to no one giving a crap about what I put my heart, soul, and time I should be sleeping into. I know there's no money in it. Plus, I can design all the press kits and album covers or free. Though when you play music with a bunch of guys who have actually studied music, it can be...intimidating.

Being out in the world is a little weird too. Artists are notoriously shy, and I am no exception. I've spent a big chunk of my twenties staring at my feet and smelling of turpentine. It's a little daunting to have to have a voice and make eye contact with people. But I think it's been good for me. I've made a lot of new friends.

I'm in two band right now: Dancy and Labor of Giants. Dancy plays around the Manchester area. Labor of Giants has an EP. I designed the cover:

The inspiration for the design came from the "cat scans" I did a few years back. I always wanted to work in that medium again and as we recorded the songs and they started to come to life, it felt right.

I don't feel like I'm a good designer, but I faked it as best I could. I figured if I kept things very simple, it would have the quiet impact I was looking for. I hope it worked out. I think it did. I hope.

Because I have an art degree I feel moderately confident about my abilities as an artist, but as a musician...I'm not so sure. No one has told me to fuck off yet, so I've kept on going. I guess that's what artists do.

You wanna hear the EP? Here you go.