Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I've gone to the dogs.

This month, some co-workers and I created a scarecrow display on the Colchester town green for their 8th annual scarecrow contest. We won 2nd place in our category!

This collaborative installation is based on the oh-so-tacky, yet wonderful work of C.M. Coolidge (dogs playing poker).

My father has a whole series of Arthur Sarnoff prints (dog playing pool) in his basement all around the pool table, so this idea really struck me as we were brainstorming for our theme. I love that sort of kitchy stuff. Like the crying Elvis Presley on velvet, or the unicorn flying through space, it's a classic tacky finished basement art. I love it!

Halloween Party

Although Tux, my new kitten has come in between me and my artwork, primarily by attacking everything that moves, including brushes, pencils, and artist's hands, I have managed to complete a full-scale work in between kitten naps. I couldn't resist inviting Tux to the party.

In case you're wondering about the "thumbs" on the kitty, that's Tux's double paws. I'm sure there will be a vast future of double-pawed cats in my artwork. Something for all of us to look forward to!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Some friends, family, and others may find a little spookiness in their mailbox soon. I made these ghosts for a Halloween care package. Inside the package is a little card that reads:

A ghost and some candy
to brighten your day

Until the sun sets
and the light gives way

To ghosts and goblins
and witches and ghouls

Who hunt little children
and all grown up fools

I was only able to make a few this year, I may plan far sooner for next Halloween. Just think, if I start in January I could make HUNDREDS!! Wha ha ha!

(I know I'm getting way to excited about this...)

Senior Tuxedo

I got a kitten!

His name is "Senior Tuxedo", "Tux" for short.
He is very sweet, and playful. Aside from his fascination with peeing on my closet curtains, he is purrfect...pardon my pun...

His front paws are double. He has a sort-of mitten look to them. I thought scanning them would be a good way to document them. I also think it looks pretty interesting. Tux was a good sport about it, although the sounds my scanner made were a little scary to him.

Below are a couple of sketches of him. I will admit, it's been hard to draw him. If a pen or pencil is moving within a 5-foot radius of Tux, his attack instinct kicks in, and my drawing is ruined. Tux is a pest sometimes, but he sure is cute!

Tux playing with a balled-up piece of paper.
Notice the wiggly lines from his attacks.

Tux sleeping.
I tried to be very quiet while drawing him.