Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Senior Tuxedo

I got a kitten!

His name is "Senior Tuxedo", "Tux" for short.
He is very sweet, and playful. Aside from his fascination with peeing on my closet curtains, he is purrfect...pardon my pun...

His front paws are double. He has a sort-of mitten look to them. I thought scanning them would be a good way to document them. I also think it looks pretty interesting. Tux was a good sport about it, although the sounds my scanner made were a little scary to him.

Below are a couple of sketches of him. I will admit, it's been hard to draw him. If a pen or pencil is moving within a 5-foot radius of Tux, his attack instinct kicks in, and my drawing is ruined. Tux is a pest sometimes, but he sure is cute!

Tux playing with a balled-up piece of paper.
Notice the wiggly lines from his attacks.

Tux sleeping.
I tried to be very quiet while drawing him.

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