Monday, January 21, 2008

Uconn Alumni Show

Undead Fishes
Acrylic on Bristol Board

I will have artwork at yet another show in this month:

Afterlife: The first annual UConn Illustration Alumni Show 2008.

January 23-February 9, 2008.

Student Union Gallery

University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT 06269

The Closing reception will be on Thursday, February 7th, 6:00PM - 8:00PM.

Poster by Liz Gibbings

My submission, "Undead Fishes" is my interpretation of the afterlife.
My beta, Imposter Foster (the red fish), was found dead twice. The first time I found him dead, he was laying on the floor. He had jumped out of his bowl and was sticky dry, stuck to the floor. I peeled him off the floor, put him back in his bowl, and begged him to live. He twitched, swam sideways awkwardly, and eventually, he revived himself.
The second time I found him dead was when my apartment lost heat overnight. I wasn't home at that night. When I arrived at my apartment, Imposter Foster, and his two new friends, Greta (the silver fish) and Hazel (the dead fish that once was a suckerfish) were floating in the water, with the "death haze" that fish get when they die. I placed their jar in front of the space heater, and hoped. After a few minutes, Imposter Foster began to gasp. I was running late for work, so I left them. I knew Imposter Foster had a chance to live, but I doubted the other fish would make it.
When I came home, Hazel was still dead, but the other two fish were ALIVE!
That is it, my story of "Undead Fishes".


Anonymous said...

What a lucky fish!

Abi said...

Beautiful painting, Nancy! I love the intricacy and colors.