Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Dream of Alaska.

"I Dream of Alaska" Acrylic on Canvas

I just finished this earlier today.

I obsess. It's a bad habit and I've been working on breaking it. I spend far too much time on the details of paintings, focusing on one square inch after another to the point where I can't see the big picture because my nose is glued to the canvas, or bristol board, or whatever the heck I'm working on.

The last thing I experimented with before my "sabbatical" was the dripping of paint. I thought it would help me loosten up. I placed a canvas on an easel, spread a watered-down wash of paint all over the top, and let gravity do the work. After a few layers of this, I worked on the lines formed randomly and tried to work with them. For a while, I worked against them until I placed the canvas on its side. I saw a landscape, so I went with it.

In spite of its questionable politicians, I have always wanted to live in Alaska. Not that I'd ever move there - its so far from all my family and friends - but it's a nice dream. This landscape isn't based on any specific place, but it's what I see when I dream about Alaska (in the summer, that is).

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