Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Deboulie Mt.

Every summer, if I can help it, I visit Eagle Lake Maine for a week. This is the town I am originally from, and lived in until I was six. It's a place that always feels like home, but will probably never be my home again.

Below are paintings of a day trip to Deboulie Mountain I took while in Eagle Lake last summer. I recently found the photographs and wanted to paint some of them...so here they are.

The dirt road in.

The lake (the mountain is in the background).

The tower on top of the mountain...
aka, the scariest, windiest place on earth.

My little cousin, Jared, kissing a trout he caught (the kiss of death, my friend).

I like these pieces, although they are a bit of a departure from the direction I've been going in. They've got sentimental value, which means a lot in my book. It was also a nice day, it was fun to revisit that day.

I got more work online!
Tee shirts, mugs, and other fun stuff:


Anonymous said...

who's that shadowy figure standing at the end of the rocks going into the lake?

Beautiful stuff as always!


Anonymous said...

My gosh, you're talented. Those are beautiful.