Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Posters and Post-its

Today was a little scary, my first public speech in a long time...I went to my old high school (East Lyme High School) to talk about my role as an illustrator for "Heart of Stone" as part of an alumni lecture series. Fifty students were signed up, and most of them came (eeep!). They were surprisingly mature and attentive, however, which made the whole thing easier for me. They asked questions, I answered. Everything went without a hitch...except I forgot to bring my camera.

A friend of mine is a French teacher at East Lyme, so I visited her classroom and played French pictionary with one class, and sat quietly during another class and drew the students on some post-its. Here are the drawings:

So, at least, I have something to remember this day. One of [I hope] many more opportunities to talk in front of a group of young people.

That is all for today, more work is coming soon...

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