Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another pair of jeans...ruined....

I'm getting closer to my deadline for the illustrations for my first book. I've been painting since 9:00 this morning, taking only one break to walk the dog and eat lunch. When I looked down, my jeans were covered in paint (I've been wiping my brushes clean on them). I thought it would be a good idea to post my progress so far. I am a tease, I know, but I hope that teasing will help sell a few more copies of the book when it is available for sale.

The hope is, people actually look at this blog and are interested in what I've been doing. I'm sure at least my dad cares...Dad, would you please buy this book when it comes out? PLEASE????




And this is a snapshot of a couple of illustrations. I'm still plugging away, but they're coming together. Soon, there will be people painted in....OH JOY!!

Yes, I am a tease, but my intentions are good, and I think the book will be good too. When the book is finished, I'll be sure to make an "official" announcement, both via blog and email, maybe even a press release and postcards....Who knows?

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