Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Technology: one of many things that keep me from having a social life.

"Technology Rules!"

It's about darn time I posted something new!

I've been busy plugging away at the illustrations for my first book, but I still have managed to find the time to print new postcards and send out yet another mailing. I've also spent a lot of time creating new work for my cafe press page.

When I set up my new computer and scanner earlier this month, I was so excited, I got about 4 hours of sleep over the course of three days. I'd work all day, come home and eat, then stay up into the wee hours drawing and coming up with new ideas. Oh what fun!

Below are some examples of my new Photoshop work. I am still getting used to the whole coloring process, but I am actually pretty happy with the way it's progressing. If I continue to obsess at the rate I've been, maybe I will be a "master" at Photoshop illustration in a year. Who knows?

By the way, to see more Photoshop work and other fun stuff, visit my cafe press page at: www.cafepress.com/nancymichaud

"I'm Loony for Loons"

"I Miss You"

Two Drawings of Audrey Hepburn's Character, Holly Golightly, from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"Sad Seal"

By the way. I am currently working on a painted version of "Sad Seal". Instead of saying "Arf" however, he'll be saying "Art". Yes, I seriously need to get a life.

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